Advantages of Choosing a PEVA Shower Liner

These days, the vast majority of homes come equipped with a shower. These handy appliances have all but replaced bath tubs entirely, and for good reason – when it comes to convenience, ease of use, and effectiveness, showers trump all other bathing appliances. Whether small or large, single or double headed, and semi-contained or equipped with a door, showers are a fixture in bathrooms across the nation.

Most people have a pretty passive relationship with the various components of their shower. Everything from the soap dish to the tiles generally end up deviating very little from how they were at the shower’s first inception. While this is largely not too problematic, there is one part of the shower that always benefits from some reconsideration.

Shower curtains come in many different sizes, patterns, and materials. Choosing the curtain that best matches your design philosophy is a subjective decision, but picking the perfect material is less personal. While cotton, vinyl, and waxed textile curtains are all readily available on the market, PEVA is the standout choice for shower curtain material. Here are three of the greatest benefits to picking a PEVA shower liner.

1. Aesthetically Versatile

One of the best things about PEVA as a material is that it is easily colored and patterned. This synthetic substance can be printed on in much the same way as paper, which means that PEVA shower curtains can be offered in a variety of different hues, tones, and appliques.

This makes PEVA shower curtains an extremely versatile design element. Choose a restrained, neutral patterned curtain for a sophisticated vibe, or pick a fun design for a child’s bathroom. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

2. Easy to Clean

It’s easy to be lured in by the charms of a cotton textile shower curtain. These liners can often be observed on the covers of design magazines because they have a breezy and continental beauty to them. This can often lead many homeowners to pick cotton textile shower curtains for their own bathrooms.

While these shower curtains do in fact work pretty well for photo shoots, they fare considerably less admirably in real life situations. The problem with these textiles is that they are not actually waterproof. This means that they will soak up a huge amount of water during each shower, which makes them prone to molding and staining. PEVA curtains are 100% waterproof, and do not suffer from these issues.

3. Health and Environment Safe

The greatest concern most people have about synthetic shower curtains is that they have a reputation for releasing toxins with use. While vinyl liners have in fact been shown to off-gas certain dangerous substances, PEVA was specifically formulated for safety, and is just as safe as any other material.

In short, PEVA shower liners are beautiful, easy to care for, and safe. This, combined with their generally very reasonable price point, makes them a perfect choice for any and all shower owners.

Switching To PEVA Shower Curtains

Why People Wanting To Go Green Are Switching To PEVA Shower Curtains

Lately, there has been an incredibly strong grassroots level desire by many people to go completely green and environmentally friendly in every part of their lives. While this is a huge task, involving all the products that you use, everything you eat, the car you drive, and the house you live in, a lot of people have taken on the task and are going forward. One of the things that a lot of people are trying to avoid is PVC, polyvinyl chloride, for several reasons. It has some a suspected carcinogenic toxin that people are trying to avoid, plus it is less recyclable than many of the alternatives. There are great products available, such as PEVA shower curtains that can be the solution for both problems.

PEVA Also Known As Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate Is Very Eco Friendly

PEVA is a non-chlorine-based material that is biodegradable, free from PVCs, can be used in children’s toys, shower curtains and other plastic articles that could come in contact with drinking water, babies mouths, and the skin and not pass on any harmful toxins.

The problem with almost every compound that contains chlorine is that when it’s exposed to other chemicals they can combine to create one of the most hazardous toxins known to man, called dioxin. Dioxin is highly toxic in very small quantities that are almost immeasurable.

Dioxin is one of those chemicals that can get into the food chain and build up in the body’s fat cells and bones causing long-term health problems, such as cancer, many years into the future. PVC has been determined to contain at least 100 other volatile organic compounds that have been determined to be poisonous in larger quantities in animal tests.

It’s impossible to know which of these compounds that we’re being exposed to every day are going to be the one that will cause the cancer that will be our demise in our later years. It’s only by reducing our risks as must much possible now that we can safeguard our health in the future.

When You’re Looking For A Viable Alternative PEVA Is The Best So Far

Scientists have struggled to come up with the perfect waterproof material that is safe in every way, biodegradable, and doesn’t cost a fortune use like PEVA shower curtains. PEVA has so far met all of the criteria and withstood plenty of tests to make sure that it is the correct alternative to PVC to use in children’s toys, baby bibs, shower curtains, and children’s mattress covers as well.

In addition to being very safe environmentally PEVA is also very economical and affordable so that anyone hoping to go green will have no problem with the price of the products made from polyethylene vinyl acetate.

For now, most products that are made to be used by babies and children are being switched over from PVC plastic to PEVA plastic as a safeguard to our children’s health. Just like everything else in life, researchers are constantly testing to find cleaner, safer and less expensive alternatives to everything we use in order to keep our children safe from the long-term health problems that could arise sometime in the future.

PEVA Shower Curtain Is The Safest Alternative To PVC

There is currently a certain portion of the population that is very intent on going green and completely eco-friendly in their lives. That means they’re going to be changing nearly all of the products in their homes, the way they drive, the food they eat and other toxic products that are spread everywhere they go. It’s a huge task identifying and replacing everything that you know that is possibly toxic or slightly toxic. One of those possible toxins comes in the form of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is very popular in toys, bottles, water pipes, and even shower curtains. However, there is a new product that can be used as a safe replacement called polyethylene vinyl acetate, or PEVA.

The PEVA Shower Curtain Is Totally Biodegradable

The beauty of PEVA is that it is 100% biodegradable, free from PVCs, contains no chlorine, and has been determined to be safe for even babies to chew on. While it’s fairly difficult to replace every PVC article in your home, the first things that you’ll want to start with are things that your children play with and could possibly put into their mouths.

After that, you would want to replace everything that comes in contact with your drinking water or the food you eat, which might include all the pipes in your home, water bottles, shower curtains, and other products in your bathroom.

Once Thought To Be Safe, PVC Is Now Considered Toxic

When PVC piping was introduced it was an excellent alternative to many of the metal pipes that most people had in their homes. The metal pipes were made up of iron, copper, and sometimes lead, each with its own serious problems.

Lead can be highly toxic in very small amounts, and there is no safe amount of lead that can be ingested by a human being, as it is very dangerous. Copper is now being investigated for possibly being involved in Alzheimer’s disease and causing the plaque that we’re all trying to avoid in our brains.

However, the biggest problem with copper is that most of the time it was soldered together lead-containing solder which would then leach into the water pipes and cause slight amounts of lead poisoning in the residents of the home. Just small amounts of lead has been shown to cause violent crime in a small portion of the population, but when taken as a whole, it added up to quite a few crimes and a lot of people incarcerated.

Iron pipes, usually coated with zinc, are also possibly involved in certain kinds of chronic diseases. While iron is a necessary mineral for our health, excess iron has been implicated in cancer of the bowel and possibly certain types of arterial sclerosis. It is also being investigated for connections to Alzheimer’s disease as well.

When Changing Over Your Home Look For PEVA Shower Curtains To Be Safe

As you are looking to slowly change over your home and rid yourself of many of the known toxins you can look for polyethylene vinyl acetate, or PEVA, to know that what you’re buying has been determined by scientists to be free from toxins.

When trying to be eco friendly and green throughout your household it’s important to stay abreast of all the latest scientific discoveries in order to know which products, chemicals, and compounds have been proven to be toxic or cancer-causing. There are many times you’ll end up picking the lesser of two evils and only through adequate research can you safely determine which toxin is going to be worst for your health.